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Pamela Johnson is a registered British Wheel of Yoga Teacher.

I started practising Yoga in 1999 (eek 21 years ago) after feeling the pressure of stress in the workplace. It started with a simple relaxation class moved on to Ashtanga yoga which I did for some years, and I now practice Hatha yoga which I teach. 

There are many different styles and classes types, find a style that you warm to and stick with it. It is all 'yoga'.

I started teaching training in February 2009. Three years & 500 hours of study later I completed my BWY Teaching Diploma, qualification in November 2011. I use any profit earned from teaching classes to attend workshops and retreats to increase and develop my learning.

Blog spot...... from June 2019 onwards, I intend to inform here, what teacher training workshops I have attended this year so far and how this has affected my teaching, along with what my current aims are for my regular classes along with any creative idea's I am planning in my head for workshops and retreats.

What strange times we have found ourselves in this year.

I'm still recovering from the covid unfortunately, its taking longer than I expected. I started to feel better after about 2 weeks, followed by a bit of a relapse. I am back at work on half days at present which is plenty as I'm still suffering from fatigue and dizziness. I created an affirmation for myself 'I give to myself first'.  

I have wanted so much to post on Zoom and youtube but simply have not had enough strength or energy, to offer anything. As I often say during classes if you don't look after yourself then there is nothing left to offer.  So, I have been doing just that.

Getting back into a yoga practice has be a challenge for me, not only physically but mentally as I always struggle to be still.  So my practice as mainly been meditation along with relaxation.

I have posted recently on youtube if you want to have a quick look. A 10 mins standing sequence and a tutorial on Nadi shodana. I hope you get chance to have a practice and give it the thumbs up.  At present on my good days and if I have space at home I will share some short sequences, specifically for those of you with limited space, who've not been able to practice or indeed recovering from the virus yourself.  I want to get back to basics and keep it simple.  If you would like to subscribe to the channel and tick the bell icon, you will get alerted when I post something new.  Its a bit tricky in a household of four in lockdown !

Hopefully you will not mind my rustic approach


As far as getting back to regular classes, we will have to wait for the government announcement

Head over to the zoom page

I think we are a long way off yet as well as lots to think about how we manage class sizes in future.

Love and light for now, please stay safe

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Books I'm reading 

The Bhagavad Gita (I return constantly)

The happiness track by Emma Seppala

All pictures from google images. Apart from the feet!

I have now completed a new course with CHEK Europe to become a Level 1 Holistic Lifestyle Coach. I intend then to run courses and 121 sessions based around this. This course will enhance what I already know about lifestyle and give it structure. A Holistic lifestyle coach looks at the whole body and mind. Its not personal training - its lifestyle changing....... its a long term commitment to make permanent changes in your life...... ask me about it

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