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Pamela Johnson is a registered British Wheel of Yoga Teacher.

I started practising Yoga in 1999 (eek 20 years ago) after feeling the pressure of stress in the workplace. It started with a simple relaxation class moved on to Ashtanga yoga which I did for some years, and I now practice Hatha yoga which I teach. 

There are many different styles and classes types, find a style that you warm to and stick with it. It is all 'yoga'.

I started teaching training in February 2009. Three years & 500 hours of study later I completed my BWY Teaching Diploma, qualification in November 2011. I use any profit earned from teaching classes to attend workshops and retreats to increase and develop my learning.

Blog spot...... from June 2019 onwards, I intend to inform here, what teacher training workshops I have attended this year so far and how this has affected my teaching, along with what my current aims are for my regular classes along with any creative idea's I am planning in my head for workshops and retreats.

Happy New Year and welcome to the next decade 2020!!!! I do hope you all had a great time over the recent festivities and feel ready to get back to a weekly yoga routine.

Winter yoga is a perfect time to bring the self back into balance making a connection to our roots.

Lets find our root again as we start to get the physical body moving again - slow and steady wins the race.  

Social media is already full of the classic, New year new you, Dry January and Vegan January.  These bold statements can make people feel guilty and depressed when they can't achieve this big changes.

Its normal to feel fragile and tired in January along with thinking that you have to embark on a savage exercise routine and diet.  

So we take it slow, take time out to breathe again, stand tall, find our roots and build a great foundation to keep us stable and ready to embrace 2020.

During the first few weeks of the year, we will connect to earth, water and fire.  

The meridians of the bladder and kidney are very active which nicely links to the water element.

Lets consider a sankalpa - a positive affirmation or statement. This is usually more achievable than a resolution.

I came across a post recently on chopra.com written by Melissa Eisler - 10 Morning habits to start your day off right, maybe one of these could be your new year Sankalpa.

  1. Stay unplugged from tech for at least the first hour.
  2. Hydrate. After long hours of sleep. Drink a glass of water in the morning.
  3. Practice optimism and gratitude.  Before you get out of bed, say 5 things you are grateful for.
  4. Make your bed.  Sleep time is over, so get on with your day.
  5. Meditate. A great time to set your intentions for the day. Get comfortable for 5 mins.
  6. Exercise. Simple 10 mins yoga practice, a brisk walk, cycle to work.
  7. Put yourself together. Putting effort into your appearance builds self-confidence.
  8. Eat a healthy breakfast and you will have more energy to see you through the day.
  9. Have a 'to-do' list ready. Prioritise your day.
  10. Not a morning habit, but will impact the following day - Get enough restful sleep. When we are too busy, sleep is one of the things that we tend to put off.  

Link to the full article here https://chopra.com/articles/10-morning-habits-to-start-your-day-off-right

Books I'm reading 

Move your DNA - Katy Bowman

Myths of the Asanas: The stories at the heart of yoga tradition - Alanna Kaivalya

The Untethered Soul - Michael A Singer

All pictures from google images. Apart from the feet!

I have now completed a new course with CHEK Europe to become a Level 1 Holistic Lifestyle Coach. I intend then to run courses and 121 sessions based around this. This course will enhance what I already know about lifestyle and give it structure. A Holistic lifestyle coach looks at the whole body and mind. Its not personal training - its lifestyle changing....... its a long term commitment to make permanent changes in your life...... ask me about it

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